Looking through my old shoebox…

My shoebox is what I call my media collection on my PC. I ran across the old demo tracks from Lassiter Mill, the band I was in when Amy and I first started dating five years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m for sure a daddy now and I love it. But listening to these tracks makes me want to go get half drunk at Hibernian Pub and play drums in front of about 150 people. I loved all the bands I was in and miss every one of the musicians I ever played with. Yes, even Justin. Hopefully he’s not in jail. I can’t wait to pass my sticks on to Connor one day.

Sam Hindmarsh may be the only one still performing from Lassiter Mill. Last I heard Sam was playing with both The New Me and Evenfall. Jay Rehm might still be playing bass somewhere but I’ve lost touch. There are two reasons I like the LM songs better than many of the others I’ve recorded. First, they were done at Osceola Studios by Dick Hodgins, the best studio in Raleigh and two, they had more potential and discipline than anything else I’ve ever worked on. I can actually listen to these and not think to myself, what in the hell were we doing?

I’m floored at the moment. I just saw something quite shocking when visiting Sam’s MySpace page to retrieve the link above. I wasn’t aware of this and should have been. Nathan Davis passed away on August 22nd. He was only 30. He has a two year old baby girl.┬áThat distresses┬áme. Go immediately and buy some of his music to spread his talent – all the proceeds go to his little girl.

I’ll never forget Nathan as a hard core fan of The Boss. He was incredibly talented and played many of the same dives in Raleigh as I did while in several bands over the years. This is quite a shock. Did I say that already? Now I have to post the LM tracks I was listening to as I learned this news. Here’s to the love of music. Nothing else is more inspiring or motivational. Those who do it have only one goal: To make themselves and others happy.

Time To Change

Self Sufficient

Story Jamboree

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  1. sam December 9th, 2008 7:58 pm

    wow….havent heard those tunes in a long damn time! haha too awesome

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