Constant Smartphone Wars – S4, G2, 5s

I always have to read quite a bit about the latest smartphone technology. I’ve also carried ever major smart phone manufactured in the last six years for routine (and not so routine) use. When I post reviews in forums or make claims in conversation to have carried all these phones I am not often believed.  How could one person get a new phone every 4-6 months?  Even better, I haven’t paid for a phone or paid my own mobile phone bill in over 11 years.

I’ve carried a Samsung Galaxy, S2, S3, S4, a Motorola Atrix 1 and 2, both with lap docks (some of the best phones and technology ever including the worlds first fingerprint scanner).  I’ve carried and used iPhone 3, 4s and 5s.  I have a like new 64GB iPhone 5s in my desk right now I could ask Verizon to swap in place of my LG G2 any time.  Not gonna happen.

The truth of the matter is that iPhones have always been a few technological steps behind other smart phone devices with the display/touch exception.  Apple fanboys will scream this is not true.  The will tout iOS and screen lag as evidence of the iPhone’s equality or superiority.  Lately iOS is just becoming Android.  Yes, the touch processing was given thread priority on an iPhone from day one.  That translates to the iPhone’s fluid feel.  This feel is really apparent on iPads verses Android tablets.   Scrolling seems smoother and response time seems faster making the iPhone superior in gesture response.  But that’s where the superiority ends.

The iPhone’s pretty, brushed aluminum chassis is no match for the LG G2’s processor, battery, screen size, resolution, camera and GPS.  The touch feel is not that far off from an iPhone any more either.  Truth is the iPhone’s aesthetics,  feel and iTunes keep Apple fans in the midst of their marketing realm.  They will even copy the larger screen found on most Android devices this year, tout it as “revolutionary” and Apple fans will regurgitate this tardy, non existent superiority.   Question is, will this larger screen actually hurt iPhone sales since the smaller size is actually coveted by many devoted iPhone fans who called the 4.5″+ Android screens “unnecessary”?  Amazing how such unnecessary things become as necessary as air and water once adopted on an iPhone.  Like NFC (Near Field Communications).  Not necessary according to Apple fans.  We’ll see about that.

In my role I typically carry the most powerful smart phone available in the US market within days of it’s release.  When that’s an iPhone I will proudly let the world know I carry one.

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