Will the Authentec fingerprint scanner drive me to an iPhone? Just might.

In 2011 I raved about the Motorola Atrix.  One of it’s outstanding features was the built in fingerprint scanner for security made by Authentec.  Motorola licensed the technology from Authentec and it was exclusively available on the Atrix.  I actually walked around for over a month swiping my finger on the top of my Galaxy S3 out of habit after switching phones.

Fast forward to 2013.  Apple makes one of it’s most expensive hardware acquisitions ever, the purchase of Authentec. Now it is rumored that the upcoming iPhone 5s will incorporate this fingerprint scanner, causing an outcry from privacy advocates.  It also caused the Apple fans to proclaim that the scanner is a new addition to smart phones that will be copied by an Android device.  Never mind that an Android phone had it first.  I am not one who believes or cares that Apple may sell my fingerprints to the government.  Then again, I’m not a fool scared by government security practices that have been going on well before the advent of the smartphone.   Say, like acquiring call logs.

I’ve always said the downside to an iPhone was not the small screen but the lack of certain technologies such as NFC.  Now Apple may hold one technology I truly love on a phone.  Could the iPhone 5S be my next mobile device?   Will I finally give in and have my first God forsaken iTunes account?   Possibly.  I’ve got to wait and see what else the phone packs and if the GPS is worth a damn.  I am seriously locked in to the need for a high quality, very accurate GPS.  If they can get that part right I may carry my first iPhone soon.

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