August 1st

Yesterday was an unexpected series of events. A whole lot of stuff happened good and bad. It started off real bad then it got great….

I installed the new Pack-Rat BlackBerry server at our hosting location Peak 10. After getting it into the rack I was looking at the back of the server to check which port I had the network cable plugged in to. Out of nowhere the end of an industrial zip tie that was holding together some cables sprang loose and hit me straight in my right eye. I walked out with blood dripping from my eyelid down my face. Nice. I went to Urgent Care and other than not being able to sleep much last night everything’s okay. It feels like I’ve got sand in my eye.

But that didn’t stop me from going to the driving range last night where I FINALLY GOT RID OF MY SLICE for the season. No more over the top. I remembered the rule: Always release – do not pull. And that would be the best news of the summer except for one other thing I found out yesterday:

Amy is pregnant again. Connor is going to have a little brother or sister by March of next year. She’s just as excited as she was the first time. I love her. And my little man.

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