The Ultimate Invasion of Liberty and Freedom

Anyone who thinks forcing the citizenry to buy a private market product simply for living and breathing hasn’t thought this through very well. Do not equate this to auto or other forms of insurance mandates. Many people do not have a car or insurance on one by CHOICE. Breathing is not a choice. This is evil precedence. Dead core evil.

How long until we are forced to buy a certain toothpaste with specified ingredient, adhere to dietary requirements, and smokers can forget it… All brought to you by proxy through the governments cozy insurance relationship. It is control by legal mandate.

Anyone who thinks this is going to do one damn thing to control indigent health care costs, I’m laughing at you, not with you. It is a revenue and power grab. No more, no less, negotiated in secrecy by Ramm Emanuel at the bidding of Obama to placate the insurance industry.

I am clearly no Obama hater but I hate this legislation and feel it is the dark stain on his Presidency. Same reason I’ve hated Romney since April of 2006 when under his guidance Mass. introduced the mandate.

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