“Flimsiest of Principals”

The GOP/Tea Parties convictions are based upon the flimsiest of principles: no one owes anyone else a living. That is not much of an engine to drive America. It speaks more to the notion that we are each an island unto ourselves, taking as much as we can get for ourselves, giving as little as we are compelled to give to others. This nation wasn’t built on the principle of leaving your neighbors in harms way.

Based on their message, had any of these GOP candidates been a firefighter, most would have never have rushed into the Twin Towers, because they wouldn’t have owed anyone that effort. Had they served in the military, they might have a completely different idea about not leaving anyone behind. Sorry, GOP, it isn’t really the government that needs fixing; it’s the politicians who think the rest of us owe them unfettered access to America’s largesse in perpetuity, first as incumbents, then as consultants to government funded corporations, then as lobbyists, ad infinitum.

Deuce Bollards (Prof)

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