Public protests in objection to Wall Street seems to be working well.  In Oct. the DJIA had it’s highest recorded gains during a single month in history.   Republicans and their laughable, reality TV style debates are the most popular thing on every week.  Yep, the Occupy protesters are taking action!  They took time off protesting to go buy an iPhone 4s.   That’ll learn ’em.  Greedy Apple.

Sad part is I agree with a lot of what they’re protesting but the methods have been so ineffective that Wall St. is chuckling and moving on.  Things taking place in Europe are having far more effect on the markets than the Occupy movement.   If these protestors really wanted to “take action” against greedy corporations they’d act with their wallets.  No Starbucks, cancel the smartphone contract, stay out of Wal-Mart, park the car, no cable or satellite TV, close the bank account….*gasp* real sacrifices?

But no. The protestors continue to pay the evil corporations for these invaluable products.  Americans sure are spending a lot of money to be so poor and stepped on.  So yes please Occupy… but don’t forget to pay your bills first.

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  1. Anna November 1st, 2011 12:31 pm

    What is it, exactly, that they are protesting?

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