$2.99/mo. hosting at WebFusion

On Sept. 13, 2010 my e-machine web server died after 7 years of service and it was a solid death.  The motherboard fried.  I was real busy and didn’t have time to make an emergency out of getting this site back on-line.  I did my homework for web hosts supporting WordPress, MySQL with phpmyadmin and found webfusion.com.  They provided all the components to host this site for $2.99 per month.  Deal.

Now I don’t have to support a system at home running Apache, MySQL etc.   I created a new WordPress blog at Webfusion, exported my database using phpmyadmin and imported it to the new database at Webfusion.   Then all I had to do was replace the WordPress files via FTP and change a few config files for database locations and passwords.   Hopefully the 99.9% uptime claimed by Webfusion is accurate.   This site has been down a lot because I have servers I’m paid to attend.  I really don’t want to work to keep this site up on a DSL line and 7 year old PC anymore.

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