We bought a house!

imageIt’s been 10 days since my last entry because I have been extremely busy this month, just like in July. Our offer on this house in the town of Wendell was accepted last night. I searched all over the Internet and discovered you can buy A LOT more house for your money outside of Raleigh/Cary/Apex. In short, once the deal goes through on this property I will have saved almost $60K over any comparable house I’ve seen in Raleigh.

We’ll have half an acre of yard and 2200 square feet of living space. The first floor has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. The upstairs has two 15×16 bonus rooms and a full bathroom. It’s located about 10 minutes from where Dillon Supply will be located after the move in December (so I’ll be just as close to work as I am now). The best part is that there will be a lot of yard space between us and our neighbors, something unheard of in Raleigh subdivisions.

It’s not a done deal but if the contract goes through we’ll be closing on September 23rd (one day before Connor’s birthday). I told Amy that once we move it’s the last time we’re going to do it for many years. Later we can add a kid or two to this house and still have enough room to keep our sanity. I just don’t know how I’m going to afford to furnish it.


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  1. cherri johnson August 9th, 2005 2:54 pm

    I just LOVE this house. This is sort of weird but I have always dreamed of a house with dormers and now my daughter is going to have one. God is good! I am thrilled for you! Love Nana C.!

  2. Amy August 9th, 2005 5:31 pm

    Isn’t she a beauty! I can’t wait to move in. Amy:)

  3. Grandma Johnson August 10th, 2005 6:33 am

    This is great, you lucky dogs! I am excited for ya’ll. I been to Wendell many times when I lived in Selma and it’s a great place to live. It’s ok for you guys to be a little bit further away, but Connor, that’s another whole story! Love you

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