Is an iPhone, $44K and a laptop worth dying for?

Right now Verizon is starting to chew rapidly into iPhone marketspace with the new Droid.  The reason is obvious to the majority of AT&T customers, AT&T has a horribly bad network.  Coverage is sporadic at best despite AT&T’s postcard ads on TV where they claim coverage in 300,000 metropolitan areas.  Yep, very poor coverage.

The only reason AT&T has lasted this long following their Cingular aquisition was the iPhone contract they have to be the exclusive distributor for Apple.  But Apple is coming out with a new iPhone that may not be covered under this exclusive contract.  The iPhone 4G.

Foxconn is a company that manufactures the iPhone for Apple.  My CDW rep recently told me a story from his brother, who works for Foxconn, about another Foxconn employees mysterious suicide after he “lost” an iPhone 4G prototype. The 25 year old “jumped” from his apartment window.

Apparently the same employee, Sun Danyong,  had “misplaced” other iPhone prototypes before.  And for some strange reason he always came back to work beaten up around the same time he found the misplaced units.

“Foxconn has confirmed that Sun Danyong’s family was paid roughly $44,000 and given an Apple laptop as compensation for his death.” – Laura Dune -engadget

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